The FenceCore Digital Way

Contact us today to get your free digital advertising analysis. Allow us to asses your current needs and as a result, propose leading solutions.


Firstly, what is the purpose of your campaign? Secondly, it is now time to establish concrete goals, KPIs and benchmarks. Thirdly, sit back, relax and we'll take care of the rest!

On-Time Delivery

We ensure same week setup and provide weekly or monthly progress reports. Ultimately, with Fencecore Digital you will never have to worry about timely delivery!

Results Driven

Above all, we will maximize your ROI, improve SERP & your optimize click costs! The bottom line is that this is a results driven industry. We believe that our methods separate us from our competitors.


Providing Advertisers with the following:

  • Direct in-app traffic: high quality gaming and non-gaming sources
  • Focus on user engagement – because we know what really counts, retention and in-app purchases
  • Maximize return on ad-spend – our daily optimizations leave no stone un-turned

Providing Publishers with the following:

  • Direct offers from industry leaders
  • Manual and API integrations – because quick and seamless setups are important to us
  • Dedicated account manager to service your every need because customer satisfaction is important to us

Services include all of the following:

  • Paid Search (Google Ads – because it’s 2018 and AdWords got re-branded)
  • Paid Social (includes influencer marketing, FB, Instagram and more)
  • SEO – because your your site should run at optimal efficiency
  • Video advertising – because there is no better way to educate your audience like a hard-hitting video
  • Web development – because your site needs to represent your business the way it was intended to

Navigating the Future

We Don't Follow The Trends, We Set Them.

The purpose of digital advertising has remained unchanged throughout the years, however, the techniques are constantly evolving. The importance of staying up to date with the latest trends and processes cannot be understated. Ultimately, your campaigns will suffer if you fail to do so. Additionally, FenceCore Digital helps companies better position themselves to remain atop of their competitors. So, the only question left is, what are you waiting for? Finally, contact us today to get started.

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